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12.3.: vegan join-in brunch

Finally the time has come - we vegans4future Schwäbisch Hall (formerly Schwäbisch Hall Vegan) invite you to an open vegan brunch as part of climate fasting!The brunch is aimed at people of all diets, everyone who is interested is welcome :)!

The special thing about our brunch: it's free, so everyone brings something delicious vegan to eat - from a special salad to hearty food and cake. With the help of everyone, a large, varied buffet is created. We only ask for a donation for drinks. If you are exceptionally unable to contribute anything to the buffet, you can also donate instead. Many recipe ideas can be found e.g. on, and/or the now numerous vegan blogs.

ATTENTION: For the first time we ask you to register via the contact form on our homepage (the contact form is at the bottom).Registration is possible until March 11th., 6 p.m. (ATTENTION: THE PROGRAM FLYER HAS AN ERROR IN THE URL!)

Date: 12.3.

Location: Club alpha, Spitalmühlenstr.13/2

Admission: 10.30 a.m

Start: 11 a.m

End: 1 p.m

We recommend arriving from 10.30 a.m. so that you can fill out the cards for the food you have brought with you, put the food on the buffet and find a seat so that you can have brunch comfortably from 11 a.m. :).

We look forward to you!

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