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In July or August it's that time again: Earth Overshoot Day is reached - the day on which the natural resources that the earth can restore each year are used up. If all people had the same consumer behavior as we Germans, it would already be reached on May 3rd. This means that we Germans behave as if we had three earths at our disposal - and our behavior is a role model for many countries that have previously had significantly lower consumption.

Since the first climate conference in Rio in 1992, private consumer spending in Germany has increased by more than 4/5* and the connection "larger income - larger ecological footprint" still applies - with increasing income, more is consumed, be it products in everyday life, holidays or the living space that we afford.


In doing so, we have to learn to question our behavior: do I really need the larger apartment, the larger car, or can I get by with less? If we leave image thinking behind us (whereby hopefully this will change - away from "big & expensive" to "sustainable & social"), the view becomes clear for the advantages. After all, a smaller living space means, among other things, less cleaning work and significant money savings :) - and thus also time savings for things that are really important to us.


Because there is also good news: While consumption triggers a short-term feeling of happiness, studies have now shown that more money and possessions do not automatically mean more happiness. Those who have too little are happier when they have more money, but at a certain point we don't get happier. The time we gain by "renouncing" consumption helps us a lot more to increase our long-term happiness - more time with friends, families, in nature, ... .


Also theHappiness Atlas 2020, which is based on a representative survey of life satisfaction in Germany, comes to the conclusion:


"Sustainable consumption makes you happy

70 percent of Germans feel good about shopping sustainably. In addition, sustainable shoppers are demonstrably happier with their lives."



Do you want to get active yourself?


Become a part of#movethedate-Movement aiming to move the overshoot day date to later in the year. Join theChallenge "14 days consumption stop"and exchange ideas with other challenge participants in your group. Or use this if you don't want to do the challenge right awayForumunder "Zero Waste" and"Repair instead of throwing away".

You need something "new"? Below are second-hand opportunities in Hall and the surrounding area - or see if you can find one in theexchange forum, a bazaar, at a clothes exchange fromclub alphaor thenature loversfind what you are looking for.

Clean out your home and offer things in good condition that you no longer need to others for exchange (or purchase) or give them away - and get a smile in return :).


cleaning out


Mucking out shows you very impressively which things in your life are really important to you and which you don't actually need - or which are just unnecessary ballast. Once you have invested the right amount of time in clearing out, you are guaranteed to think about the next purchase whether you really need it or whether you will only have to invest time in new clearing out again after a short time.


Do you need something "new" or have you cleaned out?


There are now many ways to get used goods or pass them on - be it on the Internet via portals where private individuals sell to private individuals, such asVinted, or those where dealers buy and sell goods, such as momox-fashion for clothing or medimops for books and CDs. Our forum should also help you to swap things that you no longer need, to give them away or to sell them fairly (from private to private).


But alsoat our placethere are a few options:




There is a in the Heimbacher Gasse below the health food storeThrift shop, which also offers quirky pieces and clothing made from organic fabrics


In the Gelbinger Gasse you will find the second-hand shop of the DRK - the more people use this offer, the more attractive it becomes.


There is also a nice little second-hand shop for children and adults at Mühlstraße 2 in Bühlertann.


www.lillebuks.dedoes not have a shop, but is based in Schwäbisch Hall. Clothing for children is bought and sold.


bazaars: In spring and autumn there are lots of children's clothing and toy bazaars in and around Hall. Some clothing is now also available for women and men. you have an appointment? Feel free to email it to us - we'll add it to our calendar here!


clothes swap: Both Club alpha and Naturefriends regularly hold a clothes swap market, sometimes combined with a repair corner. You can also find these dates in ourcalendar.


Computers & Co


The Second IT Storeim Kerz offers a variety of second-hand laptops, tablets & co.


Books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and e-books


thelibraryoffers a variety of books for all walks of life as well as films, music and e-books. The low annual fee for the card is very worthwhile!

In addition, there are already several open bookshelves :). Here is a list of those we know of. Are you opening or know another one? Then please use the contact form to get in touch - thank you!

- at the forest cemetery - there is even the possibility to sit down to read in the former café, there is even a toilet.

- on the Teurershof, centrally and sheltered under the canopy of the pharmacy

- from the Bioritter in the Ritterareal

- on the mini golf course on the Kocherinsel there are not only books but also current magazines, children's books and comics.

- In the Reifenhofsiedlung there is a well-used public bookshelf at the Linckh family's private home on Neustrelitzer Weg to enrich neighborhood life - perhaps a role model for your own neighborhood :)?




ThatHave & goodthe Erlacherhöhe (Blendstatt 30) offers everything from books to textiles to furniture. Did you clear out? Here many articles are gladly accepted as donations :).


theoasis in Hessental offers all sorts of antiques and junk.


Also theCloset of the Friends of Asylum(Im Ripperg 5) is happy to receive clothing donations and more - it's best to look at the needs list to see what is needed at the moment. The clothing is given to the needy and asylum seekers for a small fee.


Do you have furniture or a bike to give away? About theFurniture exchange of the Friends of Asylumand thebicycle workshopfurniture seekers and furniture donors find each other :).



And what about economic growth?


When our current economic system was created, there were still far fewer people in the world and the resources were practically infinite. These basic assumptions no longer apply today. Economic growth should not be an end in itself, but a by-product of good socio-economic development. The economist Maja Göpel has written a #1 bestseller, a highly recommended and easy-to-read book:"Rethinking our world".

While only the GDP (gross domestic product) counts for us, Buthan has introduced a BNG (gross national happiness). Buthan also relies on economic growth, but it is not the top priority :). For example, the country could have quickly made a lot of money by cutting down its forests. However, it has not done so for the benefit of its citizens - and is now not suffering from landslides and other deforestation effects like its neighboring countries.**

book tips

"How I threw out the clutter and let the luck in" by Anne Weiss describes the author's experiences on the subject in an amusing way and also offers some practical overviews that can make it easier to clear out the clutter in the long term :)


For families, having little and clearing out usually poses a greater challenge - it's best to take the children with you to your challenge. For example, the book "Kiki and Jax clean up" by Marie Kondo.




* Source: Deutschlandfunk

** from: GLÜCK - the World Book of Happiness, Leo Bormans (ed.) Dumont-Verlag

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